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5 reasons to invest in a custom leather jacket

5 reasons to invest in a custom leather jacket

a man wearing a custom leather waistcoat

When considering finding the perfect leather for your wardrobe, you usually look for factors such as fit, shape, quality, colour, and versatility. This is where getting a custom leather jacket, can be the best choice all around, with the shops being flooded with so many different choices it becomes so difficult to find the right one to suit your personality and believe me I have spent just as long trying different ones on to feel disheartened and not bother at all.

Leather jackets are a classic trend and not short-lived so when investing in one you want it to be the best. They have been around since the 1900s and are still kicking around stronger than ever.

They emulate a badass unique style with quality and are so easy to wear from rocking it with a pair of skinny jeans and your favorite relaxed T-shirt to a glammed-up dress to bring that flare of personal touch.

The rise of low-cost clothing has bought bulk production of PU leather jackets in various styles which is not cool for the environment but also makes it a tough choice when deciding what is best for you. 

So if you’re a little confused about where to spend your hard-earned cash on leather then this blog is just for you. Here are five reasons why investing in a custom leather jacket is totally worth it Luxe Rebel.

patterns and leather fabric


It’s a timeless piece and a staple for anyone’s wardrobe. With the likes of Kate Moss, and Madonna still rocking leather it’s a popular choice all around.

It’s a piece that can be pulled out anytime and still make you feel like the rebel you deserve to be.

Buying a good quality custom leather jacket is an investment and knowing it’s a classic piece makes it even more worthwhile especially when it is handmade to your unique style and measurements.

leather on a sewing machine

One of the best things about leather is that you can pair it with almost any kind of clothing, which makes it easy to dress up or down.

Winter – layer up rebel, this leather’s got you covered and got you looking like a total badass, think faux fur-lined leathers, heavy oversized looks.

Summer- I mean who doesn’t wanna look like a total style queen rocking up to the beach in a bikini and leather. Think lightweight leather, waistcoats bit of fringing…

Style hot points 10/10

a lady wearing a leather biker jacket
A black and white image of a lady wearing a leather bustier

The one thing about getting a custom leather jacket made in real leather is that it last and stands the test of time. Oh, and it will age a look better in time making it the most comfortable piece you own.

Unlike PU leather which is essentially plastic and has a timescale of 2 years if you’re lucky, leather if cared for properly will last a lifetime and the best thing is when having something custom made it can be passed down through generations.

Had a piece passed done from your mum or grandma from the ’60s / 70s? That could be your jacket in years to come – how badass is that.

You can read more about what leather I use for my custom leather jackets here

sewing custom leather
A lady sewing custom leather

What does this mean? well, when working with me on a custom leather jacket design not only do I open your world to a whole array of colours to pick from we work 1:1 together to bring out your personality and style into a unique piece.

No holding back here it’s about creating a jacket for you that will help you go from feeling frustrated with your wardrobe to be able to put together great outfits confidently and effortlessly every day.

metallic leather fabric

Investing in a good quality custom leather jacket will pay off, in the long run, don’t just think about the price, think about cost-per-use. I am here to make you a piece that represents you, a feel-good piece of clothing that elevate your style, nail every look effortlessly, and make heads turn.

That is why investing in custom leather is the right choice and highly recommend adding this classic piece to your wardrobe.

My waitlist re-opens in Feb 2023 join my waitlist to be the first to get booked in. 

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