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With creativity and chic style at its core, Luxe Rebel Leather Co. is an established, custom clothing &
accessories brand dedicated to curating handmade leather pieces which will be adored for years to come -

Each garment is designed to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe & bring out the badass luxe rebel in you.

With years of self-taught experience, working on a range of bespoke garments from wedding dresses to custom leather jackets - Founder, Bridie is passionate about finding her customer's unique styles & igniting their confidence by working closely together to develop a piece that personally speaks to them, in a way that
nothing else in the current fast-fashion industry could.

Bridie's personal fave

The Alicia metallic leather bustier

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Alicia Silver Metallic Midi Bustier Apparel & Accessories Luxe Rebel Leather Co

A note from one luxe rebel to another

A throwback to my youth when I'd drape fabrics all around, sketching fabulous designs on my fashion wheel, and getting creative with fabric cuts! Sorry Mum, for those times I ruined your sheets - but hey, I've mastered the cut-out properly now! 

I always admired the skill of mum and grandma, making clothes was their second language. I absorbed every bit of their passion, and from a young age, it burned brightly within me. My grandma’s motto, 'dress to express yourself every day', is the beating heart of my venture.

After 19 years of honing sewing skills, serving amazing looks and once known as ‘Born to Thread’, we're stepping into a bold new era with a rebrand; introducing 'LRLC'. Now, it's not just about creating killer clothes, it's about fulfilling your Luxe Rebel dreams! So let's get started on this wild ride together. 

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