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A collage of leather jackets

The leather jacket is classed as a timeless piece of clothing, the epitome of cool, a leather somehow has the upper hand in versatility and relevance not to mention lasting durability.

With 90s minimalism having its moment this Autumn and winter, statement layers that are feminine and modern with a leather jacket add to that.

You can throw it over a sweater, or a t-shirt to add a few badass vibes to a dress and basically team it with anything really but shopping for one isn’t as effortless as the jacket itself. There are so many choices out there but Luxe Rebel Leather Co brings something a little different.

At Luxe Rebel Leather Co I create luxury, custom-made leathers that capture your personality in a way nothing else in the current fast-fashion industry could. 

With working with many clients I have found people gravitate towards longevity, versatility, and comfort! One that can go from fall to winter and winter to spring. pick the right one and the leather will feel and age well.

What are Luxe Rebel Leather Co personal 5 leather jackets for winter 

1. The Crop

A cropped silhouette is fierce, paired with wide-leg pants or styled with a cool slip dress will make it the perfect companion when heading on that sweet winter escape!

A lady wearing a silver leather jacket
I​​mage from Luxe Rebel Leather Co.

2. The Oversized

The cool kid on the block, where you can layer up underneath and no one will ever know, it's also a look you can pull together but still look cool and sleek at the same time whether that be to the office or taking an easy style for the weekend.
A black leather jacket
Image from Luxe Rebel Leather Co​​

3. The Boxy

The classic simple zip-up leather jacket is not just great for winter but great for in-between seasons and is one of those jackets that go with everything.

A black leather jacket
Image ​​from Luxe Rebel Leather Co

4. The Blouse

The cross between a blouse and a jacket, Rita from LRLC is a confident little number and with sleeves having their moment right now this blouse is perfect for wearing with a leather pencil skirt making it an ultimate power combo. 

A leather puff ball blouse
Image from Luxe Rebel Co​​

5. The Custom

Through my custom service, you get to work with me one-to-one in-depth on a unique leather piece that answers all of your needs from fit to detailing.

Not only do you become part of the design process and see the process come together, but you will receive a luxury wardrobe staple that individually captures your personality. It will become the most cherished piece that you can wear and adore for years to come

My custom-made jackets are here to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe and bring out the badass Luxe Rebel in you.
A drawing of a leather jacket
Image from Luxe RebelLeather Co​​

My custom service re-opens in Feb 2023, wanna be the first rebel to sign up to invest in a leather jacket for winter

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