Custom Leather

Custom Leather Service

Through my custom service, you get to work with me one-to-one in-depth on a unique leather piece that answers all of your needs from fit to detailing.

Not only do you become part of the design process and see the process come together, but you will receive a luxury wardrobe staple that individually captures your personality. It will become the most cherished piece you can wear and adore for years.

My custom-made jackets are here to effortlessly enhance your wardrobe and bring out the badass Luxe Rebel in you.



  • An everyday luxe leather that expresses your personality
  • Effortlessly enhance your wardrobe
  • Handmade to your measurements
  • Your ideas and my skills in communicating throughout the whole process 
  • High quality ethically sourced leather
  • A wearable piece of art that you can pass down through generations 
  • My badass enthusiasm, passion and skill for creating it for you.
  • My knowledge of 19 years of sewing and experience 
  • A pattern cut to your design 
  • My full attention to every detail 
  • A guarantee that you will become a Luxe Rebel 


  • Jackets will be made from my blocks to your measurements and can be personalised to suit whatever design you have in mind. 
  • We start by discussing via email or zoom your design ideas, fabric colours, sizing, and FAQs for me to get a feel for how to bring your personality into the jacket with my design knowledge. 
  • A follow-up email on all info discussed.
  • I then take your design idea into digital form so you get an idea of what it will look like
  • Leather samples are sent to you to choose colours and the type of leather you would like.
  • A sample jacket will be sent to you, followed by a zoom call for me to check the fit.
  • Email updates on the process of your jacket 
  • PDF printout on how to care for your jacket 
  • My custom service takes up to 8 to 12 weeks. 


Now you’re probably thinking, this all sounds incredible, but what’s the dollar involved? It's hard to determine a set price straight away because every handmade custom piece is so different but, as a guide

  • Custom plain jacket- from £999 
  • Custom jacket with design details - from £1200 
  • Clothing from 299

 (£150 deposit is required to book your spot, payment plans are available for the rest of the cost) 

I guarantee that when you wear a piece of LRLC, you will feel like your own BADASS icon. 

Are you ready to invest today? My custom service is by appointment only so book in today

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My custom leather service is open for Feb 2024. Enquire about a custom piece that individually captures your personality.

Reworked Leather Service

I know that feeling you have that one leather piece that, let’s face it, has seen better days or maybe it might just need a little TLC. 

My badass reworked leather service comes in to save the day.

With a bit of care and attention, I can give it a new lease of life, be it by fixing holes, adding a new lining or completely reworking it to something else. 

Adding a new lease of life to an old garment is sustainably better for the environment so instead of throwing the garment away, you get to rock out in your new piece of reworked leather.

Looking to rework your leather, Enquire now